Experimental Methods Club

The purpose of the “Experimental Methods Club” is to expand the knowledge of graduate students and postdocs to experimental techniques outside their area of expertise. The emphasis is not so much on the physics as it is on the technique(s). It is hoped that this will allow the journal club members to make informed decisions while:

  • Switching fields
  • Starting collaborations outside one’s field
  • Inventing one’s own technique (way more ambitious)!

With these goals in mind, it is proposed that the journal club be held every week. Although there is no formal time limit, an approximate duration of 1:30 hours can be used as a guide. The following table outlines a tentative schedule for the presenters and the respective topics of discussion.





Introduction to Wet Refrigerators

Debaleena Nandi


Overview of Nanofabrication Techniques – Part 1

Evan Miyazono


Overview of Nanofabrication Techniques – Part 2

Chandni U.


Overview of Vacuum Systems

Tejas Deshpande


Introduction to Dry Refrigerators

Joseph Redford


Introduction to Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Kyle Chen

To join the journal club please send me an email to get onto the mailing list.