I am a seventh year graduate student in the department of applied physics at Caltech. This site is primarily an archive for things I have previously worked on, such as research posters, theses, assignments, personal notes, presentation slides, etc. You can also find out about my background, research interests, my current work, and contact information on this website. In the following paragraphs I briefly elaborate on the motivations behind creating this website.

During my attempts to develop a conceptual background in certain areas current research interests, I started noticing the inaccessibility of the peer-reviewed journal articles. Since this is indeed cutting-edge research, there are no textbooks explaining important concepts at an elementary level. Most review articles are nothing but a collection of citations, and despite the authors’ attempts, are far from pedagogical. As a result, it is extremely painful for a starting graduate student to go from solidifying his/her “basics” to a point where he/she is capable of contributing to that field.

I prepared a set of personal notes, presentation slides, etc. while I was going through this transition. The purpose of this site is to share this material with others who might be experiencing the same problems: undergraduates working on summer research projects, graduate students who are just starting out, postdocs who want to switch fields, etc. I hope that the material on this site will make their transition smoother.