About Me

I am currently an eighth year graduate student doing research in the field of experimental condensed matter physics. My (PhD) thesis advisor is Prof. David Hsieh. In addition to the Hsieh group, I am also a member of IQIM. I am currently working with an ARPES setup that I designed and built in the Hsieh group. Besides research, I share the responsibility of organizing the IQIM Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Seminars. I also organize the “Journal Club of Condensed Matter Physics.” The journal club is a very small and informal organization of mainly graduate students working on condensed matter physics.


I received my Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.) degree from McGill University in February 2011. I majored in the Honors Electrical Engineering program with a minor in Physics. After graduation I worked in Prof. Thomas Szkopek’s lab for six months as a research assistant. I have completed two projects, as part of the NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Awards (USRAs), and my undergraduate thesis both in the Szkopek group as well. I started my doctoral program at Caltech in September 2011. After an intense year of classes at Caltech I finally chose Prof. David Hsieh as my (PhD) thesis advisor in April 2012.