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Overview of Nanofabrication Techniques – Part 1

This is the first talk of a two-part series on nanofabrication. The goal of this series, as the title suggests, is to give a broad overview of the different techniques; as a result, details will inevitably be skipped. Techniques of deposition, etching, and patterning were covered in this (i.e. first) part. An in-depth discussion of patterning sophisticated structures will be covered in part 2 of this series.

The presentation slides for this talk can be found here. The video recording of this talk can be found here. The size of this file is 2.77 GB. If you are connected to the Caltech network via an ethernet cable, and if the network is not too busy, then the download rate could go as high as 10-20 MB/s; on average you can get 1-2 MB/s. You must be connected to the Caltech network via VPN, Remote Desktop, SSH, etc. in order to download the videos.