William Witczak-Krempa, Gang Chen, Yong Baek Kim, and Leon Balents. “Correlated quantum phenomena in the strong spin-orbit regime.” Annual Reviews of Condensed Matter Physics 5, no. 1 (2014): 57-82.

Correlated quantum phenomena in the strong spin-orbit regime

This paper continues the discussion of topological phases with appreciable electronic correlations. However, the scope of this review article is broader than the last one. In addition to topological phases it also discusses phases in the so-called strong Mott regime where the notion of a band topology does not make sense. Interesting lattice models, some of which were proposed over four decades ago, can potentially be realized in systems where orbital and spin degrees of freedom are entangled. It is precisely this entanglement which permits certain transition metal oxides to circumvent the so-called Jahn-Teller effect which washes out the “quantumness” of these lattice models. The material systems in which these phases can be realized typically involve d- and f-electron systems. One important feature of this paper is that it is partitioned into parts which are influenced by the discovery of topological insulators and parts which are not.

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