Gil Refael and Joel E. Moore. “Criticality and entanglement in random quantum systems.” Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 42, no. 50 (2009): 504010. – Part 1

Criticality and entanglement in random quantum systems (Part 1)

In the previous paper the notion of a Symmetry Protected Topological (SPT) phase was defined formally. Although topological insulators are not the first examples of SPT phases, they are undoubtedly the most famous ones yet. The intuition behind various classification schemes, however, is difficult to acquire without a proper understanding of the role of quantum mechanical entanglement in many-body systems. This paper is the first detour into entanglement. Quantities such as the “Topological Entanglement Entropy” (TEE) are an indicator of whether the system has long-range or short-range entanglement. In other words, it tells us whether a system has intrinsic topological order or not. This paper considers various random quantum systems and computes their TEEs.

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