P. Hirschfeld, M. Korshunov, and I. Mazin. “Gap symmetry and structure of Fe-based superconductors.” Reports on Progress in Physics 74, no. 12 (2011): 124508.

Superconductivity: Iron-based Materials

The condensed matter community was shocked by the discovery of superconductivity in an iron compound (F-doped LaFeAsO) in 2008. What is particularly interesting in this class of superconductors, aside from the high Tc = 26 K, like the cuprates, is the subtle interplay of magnetism and superconductivity; i.e. these two states cannot coexist in the conventional sense.

This third, and final, part of the superconductivity series will finish up the cuprate superconductor from the previous week and begin discussions on iron pnictide/chalcogenide superconductors. Although this field is extremely experiment driven, the above article elegantly covers the phenomenology and theoretical aspects of iron-based superconductivity.

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