S. M. Girvin and A. H. MacDonald. “Multi-component quantum Hall systems: the sum of their parts and more.” arXiv preprint cond-mat/9505087 (1995).

Introduction to even-denominator FQHE: composite fermions

In this talk we will switch gears to the FQHE of electrons with internal degrees of freedom (DOFs), such as real spin, valley, layer, etc., and discuss its implications for previously discussed odd-denominator fractions. After a formal treatment of the spin DOF in the FQHE, we will revisit the Moore-Read state, and discuss its theory and predictions.

The presentation slides for this journal club meeting can be found in the PDF file here. The PDF slides are only in the reading mode; they do not contain any animations. The original PowerPoint slides with animations can be found here. If you notice any typos or scientific inaccuracies in the slides, I would be grateful if you could bring them to my attention by sending me an email.